Our Core Services!

Our services have no limits, However we like to focus on home users and small business. This being said, we will always do our best to help you out no matter your situation.

Mobile IT Support

We have fully equipped mobile IT workshops in Brisbane  that can be available at your doorstep in no time. Our costs for mobile help are low ($25 in most cases) and our mobile staff are extremely friendly.

Phone Support

We can talk you through some of those tough problems over the phone. We can take payment over the phone and the costs will definitely be a pleasant surprise.

Remote Support

We are all Australian! So remote support is some times essential. Controlling computers remotely sometimes seems a little spooky, however once you are used to it, you can sit back and enjoy our help!

Small Business Infrastructure

Looking after small business is our favorite thing to do. With the current situation around the world right now, it’s important that your business is IT savvy. You probably also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, so your infrastructure needs to be affordable as well. This is what we specialize in.

Per Hour IT Consulting

Our consultants are available by the hour if you just need that IT safety blanket in your office from time to time. Our consultants can work from your office with their own hardware and tools so that the impact on your business is minimal. All of our staff are friendly and know how to communicate well. 

A Why Choose Us?

What is it that sets us appart from our competition?


We always tell our clients how it is. We don’t like those companies out there trying to make the quick bucks and leaving you with a horrible product that’s no help to anyone. 


We are an entirely Australian team and all live in Brisbane as well. This means you will always get someone who understands you and knows what kind of service you love and expect.


Lets keep it as realistic as possible. People don’t always need the biggest and the best. We don’t like up-selling as this is a horrible practice and only leads to buyers remorse.


Our IT super staff have at least a decade of service each. They know exactly how to treat both clients and systems efficiently and respectfully. No time wasters here. 

Client Testimonials.

Some of our clients have provided feedback in the past, and we are super proud to show it off!

Shane from the IT superman saved my laptop! He’s my hero! I highly recommend the entire team at THEITSuperman.com.au in Brisbane!

Thank you Shane and Lena for an unbeatable service! Our business is once again safe from data loss. 

Simple and effective! Thank you so much IT Superman! I will be back!

Superhero Guides.

Maybe you CAN fix it yourself? Our superhero guides are here for everyone! If you do get stuck though, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

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