So we need to connect with you for remote support?

No Problems!

Please follow the guide below to allow us to help.

Step One.

Please ensure your computer is connected to the internet first. Then click on the link below and download the TeamViewer application to your computer.  This link is directly to our website so you can be sure it’s safe and sound. 

Once downloaded to your computer, navigate to the download location, and double click the “TeamViewer_Setup” applications and allow it to run. If windows asks you to allow or approve anything, select yes or allow. 

Please note: If you follow this guide, the TeamViewer application will not be installed on your computer. This is preferable as it doesn’t add clutter to your start menu.

Step Two.

When the “TeamViewer Setup” window appears, select:

1. “Run only (one time use)”

2. “Personal / Non-commercial use”

3. “Accept – run”

Step Three.

Select “OK” on the What’s New window.

Step Four.

When the “Allow Remote Control” window appears, provide the details listed to the IT Superman team. These will be unique to you so please make sure you provide them correctly.

Step Five.

Once you have handed over teh details, the IT Superman team should be able to connect to your computer and control it for you. The background will most probably go black and you will see a small popup window in the bottom right corner. This is perfectly normal. 

You will see your mouse move and your applications open and close while we try to fix your problem. This is a little spooky at first however people usually get the hang of it quickly. 

Step Six.

Once the IT Superman team have finished working on your computer remotely, you should see your wallpaper return and a small window or two pop up. When this is the case, all you need to do is close the windows. and continue on with your work.

You may also see the following window. You can close it when your ready.